Don’t forget about FOREPLAY

Couples who spend more time on FOREPLAY report higher satisfaction levels. Try incorporating some of our vibrators, foreplay kits, or board games.

Use your MOUTH

Indulging ORALLY can be extremely pleasurable for all parties involved, couples who do so report that they are extremely satisfied. Try stepping up your oral game by using our oral vibrators, lubes, and creams.

 Develop and explore self care be adding in “ME TIME”

When in “ME TIME” you are able to explore and identify your own preferences, which can make you a better partner. Try adding in the Solo Thrill, Sqweel 2, or the super head honcho sleeve.

 Invest in QUICKIES

Sex shouldn’t always be planned. Be spontaneous. QUICK fun is a great way to get your blood pumping and your endorphins rushing. Try a small vibrator such as the We Vibrator 4.


Everybody has a FANTASY. Discuss your fantasies with your partner. To add a little kink into your sex life, try experimenting with Spicy Dice or Lover’s Fantasy Kit.