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To empower women and couples to learn about their intimate desires resulting in a more satisfying and enjoyable sexual experience.
The dream of our company started long before The Sensual Side was actually put on paper. Our passion for educating women and couples started from our sexual inquisition at a young age. Our parents stated that we were always sexual and we never shied away from talking about sex with others. Being able to talk openly about sex then led to us answering family and friends questions that then led to us having an all female sex-shop where we addressed any and every question and displayed some of our personal toy collection. We received such great reviews from this sex-shop that we decided that we had to make this a company that was available to everyone. The sex-shops then led to us planning “slumber parties” where women could have a weekend retreat to refresh and rejuvenate themselves while being able to get educated in a fun and interactive way. Through all of this we also had the opportunity to conduct one on one discussions with individuals and couples who were experiencing difficulties in their relationships, or wanted to able to get to know themselves better, or improve on the knowledge they currently had. All in all we have always been operating in this lane years before The Sensual Side was developed.
We believe that being properly educated is the most important part of a healthy sex life. From a young age, you are exposed to different sexual imagery and language from society all the while your body is experiencing and developing sexual responsiveness. Curiosity is inevitable, and the answers you get about sex should clarify not confuse you. We believe that proper education can only enhance your sex life and everyone wants to be able to obtain his or her most amazing sexual ability.
To help you identify your individual intimate desires through hands-on workshops; to present products that will enhance your relationship; and to encourage open communication that will further improve your romantic encounters.

What Is The Sensual Side?

The Sensual Side is a company that provides a safe in-home environment for women and couples to learn about their sexual health and allow them the opportunity to know their bodies and their partners, to strengthen their romantic relationships, and to boost communication.

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